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About TMPP


Please Be Advised:

This is a UK based company and all currency is in Pound Sterling

I do NOT give anyone permission to copy my designs, resell my products, or use them, in any way, for personal gain; I work extremely hard on everything I make! I reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone. I will not be commissioned to make items for other Little Space shops as I have had the owners of Little Space shops resell my work for personal gain, and one went as far as to pass my work off as their own. I'm sorry, but my decision on this matter is final. 

I will not infringe on copyrights! If you have a design in mind, I will do my best to make it happen, if I can't, I have a very good friend who is an artist; she has agreed to work with me. The artwork that myself and my friend make, is strictly for personal use. We do NOT give anyone permission to use our artwork! Nor will we agree to anyone else using any artworks we make. The complexity of the artwork will alter the price of the item. I reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone, especially if I don't feel comfortable. Please be advised that I do not feel comfortable using other artist's work, regardless of if the other artist has given permission. It doesn't matter if it's online and 'free' for anyone to take, it is stolen artwork. And I refuse to partake in art fraud!

Due to having customers order something and not paying for it, work will not begin until the item has been paid for! This also goes for customers who pay monthly for their items; work will not being until the final payment has been received.

Have you been promised a custom order paci, but what you receive isn't what you envisioned? Have you had to settle with something that isn't your dream paci? Have you placed an order and not received it? Are you tired of the same old paci centres? Then look no further! Taylor Made Paci Paradise is the place to shop; I strive to meet all of your little space needs! From 100% custom made pacifiers (planars made in-house and bedazzled designs crafted by hand, by me) to custom bottles/sippy cups; from hand-sewn stuffies to little space mystery boxes! I have it all; your imagination is the limit! I am also starting to make pet play items, I have only made collars so far, but I can potentially make other items.

No matter what you order, there will always be a few extra surprises in the box.


Please note: From March 1st 2021, I will no longer be offering free international shipping.

I can work with any budget. If you are struggling, please message me and I will do my best to assist you. I have a range of coupons available: from money off to free shipping. I can even do payment plans. All you have to do is ask and I will do my best to accommodate you. Don't forget to check out my Birthday Club! From a discount when you sign up, to money off for your birthday to monthly offers and deals, my Birthday Club has it all! Don't forget to check out my VIP area; It's a loyalty point system. You get 5 points for every £1 spent. You need to get 100 points to get £1 off your next purchase!

I hope you enjoy perusing my pre-made little space items and customizable products. I also make hand-made customizable plushies AKA "Taylor Made Cuddle Buddies." Prices for my Taylor Made Cuddle Buddies start at £85. I know it seems expensive, but my prices are based on my talent, not your budget. That being said, I have payment plans to spread the cost. My Cuddle Buddies are unique, one of a kind stuffies. They are not made in China, nor are they mass-produced.

I aim to ship pacis within 5-7 days, but there may be delays if I have to order items in. Other items will take longer. I am to ship mystery boxes within 6-8 weeks of ordering. Hopefully, I can get your mystery box completed and shipped sooner, but that isn't always a possibility. Larger boxes will take longer, possibly double the time frame mentioned above. I have lots of rhinestones, pearls, letters and can put any image onto a centre; but if I have to order items in, it may cause delays. Please bear with me, I will do my best to get items shipped asap, but I have to rely on the postal service and it is out of my hands. All items are sent via tracked and signed for, if you don't want me to send your parcel this way, please tell me in advance! The postal worker told me it takes around 6 days for parcels sent via tracked and signed for to get to customers in the USA. Due to the expense of postage, I am looking into using other companies, such as Hermies, but their delivery times are longer than the Royal Mail post office.

*Please Be Informed:*

I have 4 cats, 2 dogs and a couple of rabbits. I make sure that the pet hair isn't on the pacifiers! However, a stray hair from my clothes may end up in the packaging. IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED ANIMALS, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP!


If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, please don't hesitate to contact me through my contact page. Alternatively, you can contact me via any of the following sites: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for choosing Taylor Made Paci Paradise

for your Little Space needs!

You won't be disappointed with your purchase!

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About Me

My name is Daisy Taylor and I live with my fiancé and our menagerie of pets, in Plymouth, in the UK. I am physically disabled. Back in May of 2016, I slipped on a wet floor, did the splits and landed hard on my bottom. A few days later I went to the doctors, I explained about my fall and told him that I was in so much pain, that I thought I had cracked my tail bone. The doctor arranged an x-ray, but I wasn't able to attend because my mum (who was living with my partner and me at the time) was taken to hospital by ambulance. After my mum was discharged from the hospital, I contacted my doctor to arrange another x-ray, but he never. He told me to take painkillers. I kept going back time and time again over the space of 3 months, complaining of increasing back pain and numbness spreading down my legs. It got to the first week in August, and I was numb from the waist down. I couldn't leave the living room. Alex and I were sleeping on a camp bed in the living room. The doctor made a home visit and I was laying on the sofa, and he told me that it was all in my head and that I needed psychotherapy. He lied in my medical records and said that I got up from the sofa and was able to weight-bear. I was numb from the waist down and had to wear a diaper because I that numb, I couldn't tell when I needed the toilet. I believe it was that night that Alex carried me up the stairs to bed. I basically spent 24 hours screaming in agony. My mum called the out of hours doctors and he was going to give me a prescription. He finally sent a doctor to the house and she called an ambulance and had me rushed to the hospital. I was admitted overnight. The next day, I had an MRI and it turned out I had shattered my L5 spinal disc, which had fragmented into the nerves that control everything from the waist down. Less than 12 hours after the MRI, I was in surgery having the shattered disc removed. After surgery, I noticed that half of my left leg was still numb, so I talked to the surgeon about it, and he said it may take me a little longer to heal. Fast forward 7 months, I was still in a lot of pain and I still had numbness. I had another MRI and was told that the surgeon who did the operation missed a shard of disc, but it was too small to bother with. And on top of that, I have a bulging disc and I have irreversible nerve damage in my left leg and some in my lower abdomen. Despite the operation being done 4 years ago, I am still in severe agony in my lower back, 24/7. I never get a break from the pain. Sometimes the shard of disc will move and cause me paralysis from the waist down. I can't stand for more than 2 minutes without my legs shaking and threatening to buckle. I need to use my mobility scooter to go around the stores and I need my crutches to help me walk - You are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. No, I'm not seeking pity, or anything else. I am simply telling you in the hopes that you will understand why I am a little slower than most others. The pain in my back rules my life. I can no longer bend, I can't walk my dogs, I can't even stand properly. Despite all of this, I strive to carry myself in a professional manner. I try to get orders sent out asap, but please bear with me if I take a little longer. My partner does everything he can to help me; he is head of shipping.


When I was about 7, my mum taught me how to sew by hand and I fell in love with it. As I've grown older, my love for sewing by hand has grown with me; so have my skills. In my teenage years, I made my mum an entire wardrobe of clothes; some of which she still has to this day. As I've grown older, I have perfected my sewing skills and moved from clothes to making plushies aka Taylor Made Cuddle Buddies! I make everything by hand as I don't own a sewing machine. I find sewing by hand therapeutic. As well as sewing, I have always had a passion for bedazzling things. As a kid, I loved nothing more than customizing my things with glitter and gems. I have moved from my own personal things to adult pacifiers, bottles/sippy cups. No two of my designs are the same. I can make matching items, but not identical.